Thursday, February 9, 2017

A description of Bede

Day 8 in the Family History Writing Challenge is looking at using the sense of sight to describe an ancestor.

The exercise

"Sit down and for 10 minutes write a description of your ancestor that is your viewpoint ancestor for February.  Write as much as you can interesting descriptive phrases or full sentences if you like. Use only sight as your sense to describe him or her. Now don’t go dumping all of this into one big paragraph into your story.  Save it. And when the time is right insert bits and bobs into your story at just the right moment."

This description of my father is based on photos of him as a young man and my memories of him when he was middle aged. He died when I was a teenager.

My description

With his broad smile, full lips and straight, debonair moustache he had a Clark Gable look about him. The black hair was thick on top and cut short at the sides, displaying his prominent ears. There was something about the strong cut of the jaw, the pale skin and dark blue eyes that hinted of his Irish heritage. His smile revealed a straight row of teeth and he took particular care to keep them clean.
In his rugby team photo he stands erect, arms folded, smiling, looking straight at the camera, as though ready to pounce. A lifetime of playing sport gave him the easy agility of an athlete, despite his imposing 6 feet. He exuded the confidence of the first-born in the family, like a leader of the tribe. The rest of the family all looked up to him and, if there was dissension in the ranks, I certainly never heard about it.

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