Saturday, January 7, 2017

Family History Writing Challenge for 2017

The Family History Writing Challenge is on again for 2017. This is run during the month of February 2017 by Lynn Palermo The Armchair Genealogist
You can enrol here.

This year I am going to write about my father, Bede Smith. 

Captain Bede Smith 1942

 Here's a brief synopsis of his life:

Bede Smith was the first in his family to go to university, where he studied dentistry. He captained the University of Sydney cricket team and could have become a full-time cricketer, but the Depression was on, so he took up his profession and worked as a small town dentist in Henty, New South Wales, while saving money to travel to Canada to further his education.  He was on the ocean journey across the Pacific when World War 2 broke out. He continued on to Canada and completed postgraduate studies at the University of Toronto. While in Toronto, he fell in love and married a Canadian girl and had a daughter. As the war continued, he enlisted and fought with the Canadian Army in the Canadian Dental Corps, landing in Normandy and seeing action in Northern Europe. After VE Day he volunteered for the Pacific Force, and returned to Canada to start training for jungle warfare, but peace in the Pacific saved him from that fate. In 1946, he brought his Canadian wife and child to live in Sydney, Australia. He bought a dental practice in Sydney and had two more children. After turning 50, he had a mid-life crisis and decided to change direction. He sold his private practice and moved to Perth, Western Australia to lecture in the Dental Faculty at UWA. In his spare time he enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts Degree, but then fell sick with cancer, and died at age 55.

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